Gore says, “We have already begun to see the kind of heat waves that scientists say will become much more common if global warming is not addressed. In the summer of 2003 Europe was hit by a massive heat wave that killed many thousands of people.”

The two references below confirm that this global warming had nothing to do with this heat wave.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) says “This extreme weather was caused by an anti-cyclone firmly anchored over the western European land mass holding back the rain-bearing depressions that usually enter the continent from the Atlantic Ocean. This situation was exceptional in the extended length of time (over 20 days) during which it conveyed very hot dry air from south of the Mediterranean.”

See UNEP, Early Warning of Emerging Environmental Threats, Impacts of summer 2003 heat wave in Europe.

The summer 2003 heat wave in Europe was not a result of a global warming.  It was primarily associated with large-scale circulation changes.

See Rasool, I., M. Baldi, K. Wolter, T.N. Chase, J. Otterman, R.A. Pielke, Sr., and F. Cesarone. August 2003 Heat Wave in Western Europe: An Analysis and Perspective, (EMS) 4th Annual Meeting - Part and Partner: 5th Conference on Applied Climatology (ECAC), Nice, France, September 26-30, 2004.